How to Take Care of Your Lawn the Earth-friendly Way

11 March 2015
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Pesticides and harmful chemicals are often used to help treat lawns and landscaping. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it may not be the best thing for your lawn either. There are many ways you can take care of your lawn without the use of these chemicals that will make your yard lush and green while still helping to protect your environment.

Use Organic Fertilizer

With so many fertilizers on the market, it's no wonder there are many now available that are completely organic. This means that they take care of your yard the eco-friendly way without harsh additives. These fertilizers are made to recreate how plants would grow naturally, which can actually translate into a much healthier lawn.

There is also no harsh runoff from this fertilizer that could get into the water supply and hurt other plants or animals. You can also purchase organic sod, soil, and seed as well.

Kill Pests the Green Way

Instead of spraying harsh pesticides to kill off unwanted insects, opt to use products that will kill bugs naturally. You can purchase all natural pheromone-based pesticides designed to interrupt many insects' natural breeding patterns. This will keep the population down and your lawn protected. Another option is to use something called milky spore. This microbial material can be added to your soil, which grubs and other pests will eat. Eventually it kills the pests but will not affect animals or birds who might try to eat them.

Start Composting

One of the best ways to feed and fertilize your lawn is through composting. This all-natural method is easy to do and it is safe. Make a compost pile or container, and fill it with organic material like uneaten vegetables and even shredded newspaper. Just be sure your composting material is small enough to break down easily.

Stir it regularly until it's completely broken down, then apply it to your lawn in order to feed it. The compost naturally produces nitrogen, which is an excellent plant food. You can even recycle your grass clippings and put them back into the compost pile!

Water Your Lawn

Instead of using the hose or a sprinkler system, try to harvest water the natural way. A rain barrel is a great way to get water without having to use municipal sources. You can purchase a rain barrel at most lawn and garden stores. Attach the barrel to the bottom of one of your gutters. As it rains, water is collected into the barrel, which can then be used to water your lawn. This method is also great for your water bill as well. 

For more tips or assistance, contact local resources such as Valley Green Companies.