3 Ways To Get A Great Looking Yard Fast

20 July 2016
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A great looking yard can take a lot of hard work and patience. Often the best looking yards are ones where plants have been carefully tended to for years. Grassy lawns can also be high maintenance. They take a lot of fertilizing, watering, and seed planting to grow. But what about those who want great looking yards in less time? There are a few ways to speed up the process of creating an outdoor oasis. Here are three tips for getting a great looking yard fast.

Sod It!

A thick, lush bed of grass is something that many would-be gardeners dream of. However, grass takes a while to grow. Germination of grass seeds can take anywhere from 5 to 30 days and in some cases may take even longer than that. There's also the possibility that not all of the seeds germinate, leading to patchy areas. One way to get a grass lawn immediately is by using sod. There are plenty of companies that offer sod delivery straight to the home. Laying down sod can be pricey. The cost is on average between $1,059 and $2,582. However, this may be worth the cost for the immediate effect it has on the look of the yard.

Add Trees

Trees can make a big difference when it comes to landscaping. They offer shade and some varieties even produce flowers. The downside to adding trees to a yard is that they can take a long time to grow. It can be years before a tree is large enough to provide substantial shade. There is a solution to this. Fully grown trees can actually be transplanted into a yard. One example would be a Monterrey oak tree. The cost to add an 18-20 foot tall tree of this species is around $900. Trees that are larger than that can cost even more depending on the species. However, for many homeowners the look of mature, or close to mature trees, is worth the cost.

The Little Details

While sod and trees are a great way to get an attractive yard quickly, there are plenty of other cost effective ways to improve the look of the yard. Adding colorful flower beds is a great way to improve the look of the yard without breaking the bank. Also making sure that existing plants, bushes, and trees are in good shape can make a big difference. Many regular maintenance tasks can be done over the course of a weekend.

Getting a nice looking yard quickly can be difficult. Plants, grass, and trees usually need time to grow and mature. However, sod and planting mature trees can make a big difference quickly. Also paying attention to the little details can make a big difference quickly. Talk to professionals, such as B & B Hoffman Sod Farms, for more information.