3 Valuable Services Offered By An Agricultural GIS Consultant You Need To Know

12 October 2016
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The more in-depth agricultural planning is, the greater return you see as a business owner when harvest time arrives. One professional service consultant you don't want to be without in the agricultural business is an agricultural GIS (Geographic Information Systems) consultant. Here is a look at a few of the incredibly valuable services these highly skilled professionals have to offer you as a farmer.

Analyzing geographic and geological data to make crop recommendations. 

When you look at the expanse of property you have, you probably just see it as acreage. However, through the eyes of a skilled agricultural GIS consultant, they see a complex system of layers. The consultant will use applications of geospatial technology and assessment to create for you highly detailed maps to determine the specific layout of the land and every last curve and contour, taking into consideration groundwater supplies and runoff routes. With this information, they can give you a good estimate of what crops will work best in what areas.

Identifying pest movement and damage and make treatment recommendations according to patterns. 

Pests can be a huge burden in the farming industry. One season of a high pest population can leave you with a crop that is completely ruined before it ever fully matures enough to be harvested. An agricultural GIS consultant uses their knowledge and expertise to examine pest patterns on your property and the surrounding areas. In many cases, they can give you an estimate of what areas will be more prone to pests because of their current rate of movement or transition patterns across the land. Having this information can help you adequately prepare through whatever pest control methods you prefer. 

Estimating crop yield according to surveyed topography and geographic testing. 

You may have the same crop planted across several acres, but this does not always mean every acre of that same crop will provide an equal amount of harvested yield at the end of the growing season. What you come up with where yield is concerned will be a rough estimate at best. However, an agricultural GIS consultant will use things like geographic soil testing and topography maps to help you get a better idea of what areas will have a more substantial yield, which will give you a better idea of what your crops will bring you when the season is over. For more information, talk to a professional like Allan R. Standen, LLC.