4 Tips For Safe LP Gas Storage

26 May 2015
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If your family relies on LP gas for heating, cooking or other things around the house, you might understand the importance of keeping some gas on hand at all times. Plus, if you are the type who likes to be prepared for anything, having gas in storage can help you feel better prepared for storms and other potential disasters. However, you might realize that storing propane can put you and your family at risk if you aren't careful. To help keep everyone safe, follow these tips for safe LP gas storage.

1. Keep a Safe Propane Gas Tank

You might have seen others store their LP gas in older gas containers, but this isn't smart. Once propane gas tanks start to show their signs of age -- such as if they have peeling paint, rust, dents or other issues -- then it's time to replace them. Otherwise, you could be at an increased risk of a propane leak.

2. Store it Outdoors

Never store LP gas inside of your home, no matter how secure your gas tank might be. Some people have made the mistake of storing LP gas in their basement, but this is never a good idea. It should always be stored outdoors, a safe distance from your home. For example, you might want to store it under a separate shelter several feet away from your home rather than right against the back of the house. This will help prevent leaks from affecting your home and can help keep you and your family safe if an explosion does happen.

3. Keep Valves Closed

Make it a point to check the valves on your LP gas tanks on a regular basis. They should always be kept closed to help reduce the risk of leaking.

4. Pay Attention to Leaks

Although propane gas is odorless by nature, most gas companies add an odor to it to make it easier to detect leaks. You should not smell propane, even if you are near your tanks. If you do, then you more than likely have some sort of leak. Take these leaks very seriously, and don't try to handle them yourself; instead, call the gas company to come out and take a look.

Storing LP gas can be a smart decision, but you have to do it safely. Luckily, if you follow these four safety tips, it shouldn't be hard to prevent accidents. Companies like Avery Oil And Propane can help you find safe storage options as well.